Social Security Disability Appeals

What To Do When Your Application for Social Security Disability Benefits is Denied

Relatively few claimants for Social Security Disability Benefits are approved after the initial filing. What happens if you are among those whose claim is denied?

The worst mistake denied social security claimants make is giving up.

In most instances, you should pursue your denied social security claim.

In Alabama, your next step is to file a request for hearing by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

These judges work for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and render decisions on Social Security Disability claims. The ALJ will evaluate your case file and determine whether, with your physical and mental limitations, you are able to maintain employment.

During this period before your hearing, medical evidence must be submitted and a theory of the case should be crafted.

A disability attorney can gather the evidence needed to support your case and give you the best chance of getting the benefits you deserve.

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