Client Support Staff

Fred Ingold

Case Manager, Legal Assistant

About Me:

Born in Denver, Colorado, I am the son of a Methodist minister.  When my father joined the Board of Global Ministries as a missionary, my family and I lived in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia.  As a young adult, I learned the value of hard work and observed the difference dedicated individuals can make in the lives of the less fortunate. I attended the University of Northern Colorado and Mississippi State University, and have held jobs as varied as salesman, purchasing manager and business administrator.

What I Do:

I joined the staff of this law firm in 2003 to assist with computer technology and programming issues.  During the following years, I became involved in many of the firm’s ongoing cases as an investigator, researcher, and legal assistant.

I now work primarily with our firm’s motor vehicle accident and personal injury clients. I enjoy meeting new people and assisting them with their challenges.  I find no greater satisfaction than making it possible for our clients to achieve the results they deserve.  I look forward to working with you to provide that same personal service.