Your Last Will and Testament – Can You Do It Yourself?

Can You Do Your Last Will and Testament Yourself? 

You’ve probably seen advertisements for online legal services promising simple DIY forms for lots of things, including your estates plans.  You may have even asked yourself, “could I save money by using one of these forms to do my own Will?”

Yes, you can prepare your will yourself, but a better question is: should you do it yourself?

A Bad Will Can Be Worse Than No Will At All

When you use a DIY form you run the risk of making mistakes that change the meaning of your will or cause it to be invalid entirely.  Even worse, if your will is valid but has confusing provisions then your loved ones could end up in a long legal battle after your death trying to sort out your wishes.

Working with a skilled estate planning attorney helps you make sure that your will not only is valid under the law but also  accurately reflects your wishes.

Online Forms May Have Blind Spots

Your online form may get some of the basics right, but does it help you minimize taxes to be paid after your death?  Are you offered advice about whether or not to waive certain requirements like executor’s bonds and inventories?

Your estate planning attorney will advise you about how to go about choosing a good executor, how to take advantage of tax laws, how and why you should use your will to nominate a guardian for your minor children, and numerous other details that a DIY form may not address.

A Lawyer Makes Sure That Your Will is Signed Correctly

When you hire a lawyer he or she will make sure that your will is signed with the appropriate formalities to make it “self-proving” under Alabama law.  A self-proven will makes the probate process much easier for your family  by minimizing court involvement.

Why You Should Have A Will

Most people can benefit from the peace of mind offered by having a will. You can rest assured knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of and that your property will be inherited according to your wishes.

The only way to make sure that your property is distributed the way you want after your death is to execute a valid last will and testament

The best way to know you are getting a valid last will and testament is to work with a qualified estate planning attorney.

An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

The internet has lots of great resources, but remember that estate planning isn’t one-size-fits-all.  Using an online DIY form may save you money today but could create costly mistakes for your loved ones.

A lawyer can help you make sure that your will works for you and your loved ones, and that it coordinates with your overall estate plan.   Get peace of mind by talking to our experienced estate planning attorneys today.  Call us at 205-553-5353 or come by our Tuscaloosa office to find out what we can do to protect your assets and your family.