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COVID-19 Firm Update

We at Lewis, Lewis & Falkner are committed to supporting you, our clients, throughout the developing COVID-19 situation. Our attorneys are still working hard for you, while also keeping your safety in mind. Rest assured that while our team may be working remotely at times, we are always available for our clients and can be […]

Does My Limited Liability Company Need an LLC Agreement?

Does my Alabama LLC need an LLC Agreement? An LLC agreement (previously known as an “operating agreement”)  outlines the LLC’s ownership and management structure. Under Alabama law, every company MUST have an LLC agreement.  However, the agreement does not necessarily have to be written down – it can be an oral or implied agreement. But […]


Alabama’s “Anti-Road Rage” Law

We recently wrote about Alabama’s new seat belt law, and today we are reminding you about another update to Alabama traffic laws.  If you like to cruise in the left lane then you need to be aware of this change. As its name suggests, the so-called “Anti-road Rage Act” is designed to prevent situations that […]


Alabama’s New Seat Belt Law

Everyone knows that one of the safest choices you can make is to use a seat belt when you are in a car. Now, a new Alabama law encourages everyone to make the safe choice to buckle up. Starting September 1, 2019 everyone traveling in a vehicle in Alabama must wear a seat belt. While […]

Where Is My Alabama Advance Dirctive Recognized?

If you’ve signed an Alabama Advance Directive for Health Care you may be wondering where it will be recognized. Some states have laws that may honor your Alabama advance directive, but your safest bet is to have an advance directive for each state in which you spend a considerable amount of time. Similarly, if you […]